Students & New Graduates

Appshiner benefits are among the best anywhere. They’re comprehensive, but flexibility is built in for new graduates and interns (yes, most interns get bennies too!). Our benefits are designed to provide you and your family with the basics like excellent life and health coverage.

What’s it really like at Appshiner? Our guiding values sum it up. A casual, fun atmosphere that breeds innovation, the resources to drive a great concept to completion and the openness to bring together the right teams from all over the world to ensure success. Every day you’ll see the direct link between the open, fun and relaxed way we work and the great real-world products we bring to market.

Careers For Fresher

The benefits, like the opportunities: Internship

What’s it like to work for a technology powerhouse while you’re still working on your degree? Our intern programs are designed to give you real-world work projects, face time with seasoned mentors and plenty of opportunities for fun and networking.

To request an accommodation with the hiring process, please send an email with your resume to and a Appshiner staffing representative will contact you.

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