Customer Relationship Management

Nowdays , for standard business Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should span multiple product lines and repair channels , and keep up with dynamic competitive and restrictive environments.

At identical time, as a result of the web makes it simple for dissatisfied customers to broadcast their grievances and to seek out various product and services, under-performance in client relationship management translates very quickly to lost revenue.These days marketplace, businesses need to get client relationship management right, or suffer the implications.

Appshiner delivers on the power of productivity with an CRM solution that is:

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  • Familiar- software that empowers people through productive, natural and insightful experiences.
  • Intelligent- streamlined business processes and real-time analytics that enable informed decisions and operational efficiencies.
  • Connected - connections across processes,people and ecosystems that allow businesses or trade to maximize the value of relationships and systems.
Our basic CRM Software contains modules like customer interaction management, campaign planning & execution,time management, contact management , lead qualification,opportunity management with leads generation.