Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration is that the unrestricted sharing information and business processes throughout the networked applications or data sources in a company.

Early software programs in areas like human resources, inventory control, sales automation and database management were designed to run independently, without interaction between the systems. They were custom in-built the technology of the day for a particular need being addressed and were often proprietary systems.

Renovate your business to boost its market potential by connecting individuals, systems and technology.We will assist you attain integration maturity for everything from information synchronization.. to functional application integration.. to seamless and secure business-process integration and optimization. With us, you'll receive the distinctive price of the most effective solutions, the most effective remedies, and smooth integration. That's as a result of our service offerings are based on new-generation solutions,methodologies and frameworks, powered by industry best practices and in depth information repositories.

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As enterprises grow and acknowledge the requirement for their information and applications to have the power to be transferred across and shared between systems, corporations are finance in EAI so as to streamline processes and keep all the elements of the enterprise interconnected.

Appshiner’s product Re-engineering services help you introduce product upgrades,enhancements, and process improvements through the development of complete product lifecycle. We offer:

  • Re-building of legacy applications using various type of technologies.
  • Migration through the application servers,operating systems, languages and databases.
  • Web-enabling of legacy applications, client-server application and desktop application .
  • Re-engineering and Integration of applications to re-align existing systems with business requirements and processes.