Education Management System refers to its directors, Teachers, Students, attendance Management, Library Management, and a lot of others Staffs & Departments. Appshiner one of the the most important & technological achievement is to development of EMS (Education Management Solutions) that keeps a track to get each entity relating to to Education Management System or process.

EMS provides an effective approach of managing education and that specialize in all the entities involved.EMS is an integrated & powerful solutions that helps to manage & automate the whole education management process across the department together with it's people operating process.

The modules involved within the software system covers all the problems of every department and increase the performance which ends in better output. Since manual management is extremely difficult therefore this system plays a really crucial role in decreasing the human efforts.

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Our Education Management System Services including:

  • Administrator Management
  • Libraray Management
  • E-learning Solutions
  • Attendance Management
  • Staff Management
  • Student Management