Quality Overview

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Appshiner’s Quality Framework

Appshiner assessed its core aspects of business operations: leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, human resource focus, process management, business results & measurement, analysis and knowledge management. It is adopted world-class standards & practices to amplify its delivery capability & customer satisfaction.

To meet our Vision and Mission, we have formulated the following Quality Policy and Objectives, which are reviewed from time to time.

Quality Policy

Appshiner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. strives for ‘excellence’ by providing customized solutions, products & services by quickly offering off-shore and on-site development along with beneficial software practices among its core competencies as value-for-money solutions to its customers.

Quality of Appshiner

We shall achieve this through:

  • Continuous improvement of quality, reliability & service.
  • Effective implementation and up gradation of Quality Management System and thereby ensuring best to all our Global Clients.

Evaluation process

Appshiner participates in regular external assessments. The idea is to subject them to an assessment, based on the excellence parameters, embedded in the standards.

Appshiner is committed to maintaining high standards in service offerings and products, as well as, in internal processes and people management. The fact that Appshiner has consistently been assessed and certified on critical quality models, generic and domain specific, bears testimony to the effectiveness of the QMS. The result-driven scoring mechanism enables the organization to track its progress over time, and ensures that it keeps improving consistently.

Our customers are our most important advocates of excellence, in quality of services delivered.